• New York State inspections
  • Computerized precision tire balancing using
  • State-of-the-art tire changing and balancing equipment
  • Wheel lacing
  • Custom exhaust tuning
  • Dyno tuning with our Dyno-Jet Chassis Dynamometer
  • EFI tuning with Direct Link TechnoResearch
  • Flow testing on our Super Flow 600
  • Transmissions set up for street or strip use
  • Expert engine building
  • Hillside TORQUEMASTER Engine Kits
  • Big Bore kits by S&S and Axtell
  • Cylinder Head work performed on our Winona/Van-Norman PH 2000
  • Stock rebuilds

Virtual Engine Software from Craig Walters : Hillside Cycle is proud to offer to our customers the famous Craig Walters engine software that allows our technicians to tailor our engine packages to your riding needs, wants, or desires. They include Accelerator I, Accelerator II, Accelerator Pro, Cam Analyzer, Quartermaster and Quartermaster Junior programs. These programs enable us to build packages for the most discriminating rider, before you spend ONE DIME! This is our “crystal ball” to give the riding public the maximum performance for your dollar.

These software packages can be used to tailor camshaft designs, rod length, cylinder head airflow, compression ratios, carb requirements, etc. for maximum effort engine applications. These are for real world rear horsepower applications; i.e. – YOU! !

Hillside Cycle’s Super-Street Torquemaster Performance Engine Kits . Our engine combinations have long proven themselves to be the best in both power and reliability. These road-tested, DYNO-proven, performance packages start at $1995.00, installed.

Folks, over the years we have built 131″s, 124″, 120″s, 117″ 116″, 114″ 113″, 111’s, 110″ 108″, 107″, 106″, 103″, 98″, 96″, 95″ 93″, 89″, 88″, 84″, 80″, 74″, 72″, 61″, 45″ engines in all forms, from Hot-Rod applications to Touring set-ups, with long-lasting power and reliability. Being able to work with these varyied configurations, effectively, is the result of having the raw hands-on, dirt-under-the-fingernail experience that is again from years of providing these services to our clients, and other shops.


What are you riding today? Look what we can do for you!

Evo Sportsters – 883-1200 conversions modified 1200 XL kits produce 85+ hp and 85+ ft/lbs torque, and up over the 100 hp mark if desired.

Hillside “Rocket 88” XL kits produce 110+ hp & 100 ft/lbs. torque at the wheel (stock 3 13/16 stroke and 3 13/16 piston kit)! Wow!

Shovelhead owners – The shovel is alive at Hillside Cycle. With knowledge gained from our Shovelhead racing program, years ago, we can produce reliable power from 80 ci. engines 85/85 is within reach.

P.S. We also do bone-stock rebuilds, transmission rebuilds (using only Andrews or JIMS gears), and transmission performance kits.

If you are a shop, in need of professional engine building, or cylinder head/machine shop needs………just call us at 315-495-6650.

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