We offer expert, professional, cylinder head work, and with and each and every head at our Stage II level and up, we flow check and modify as need be to establish our flow target numbers for your builds, prior to being installed or shipped to our clients.

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Almost all of our heads feature the widely industry-recognized AV&V valve train products and component parts, for long lasting power and reliability.


Stage I Twin Cam

1.900″ intake valves

1.610″ exhaust valves


All port work, valve and valve seat work, cc’ and surfaced for the dedicated combination, very similar to our famous Stage II’s.

No flow testing, although we have tested them in the past, just to witness the very surprising flow numbers

This is a great head we offer at a very surprising price.


Stage II Twin Cam

1.900″ intake valves

1.610″ exhaust valves

New bronze/manganese guides


Either beehive or double-wound springs to accept up to .600″ lift, and up to .650″ lift springs upon request.

These heads are designed to be used in 95-98″ applications, and mild 103-107″ touring or low-mid torque-specific applications.

They hover at the 155-157 cfm mark @ 10″ @ .600″ lift.(262 @ 28″) and are a very versatile head we are proud to offer.

Stage III  Super-Tour

1.940″ intake valves

1.610″, or 1.650″ exhaust valves

New guides/seals

.650″ lift behive springs

These heads are used in higher-performance 98″-107″ engines when folks are looking for more than your friends have, from the “other” guys.

We have used these in 117″ applications as well.

Very good cylinder head that’ll run at just about 165-167 cfm @ 10″ @ .600″ lift with outstanding velocity in the low-lift areas as well.

Again, very versatile head design, that we have developed.

Stage IV

2.020″ intake valves

1.610, or 1.650″ exhaust valves


.650″ beehive springs

This is where the hp is really going to be exposed!

We have used these in our HO applications in engines from 98″ to the big 124″ers.

Big flow numbers with great velocity to support big power, which only comes from YEARS(not weeks/months) of cylinder head/flow bench work.

Stage IV High-Output

Due to the demand of higher power levels wanted by folks, we developed this head. This head is usually used our HO 117-124″ combinations/variations.

2.060″ intake valves

1.650″ exhaust valves


.650″ beehive springs

This head will roll well out past 300 cfm @ 28″ @ .650″ lift, for the big-inch power your looking for!!!

Velocity is still VERY good with these, in the low-lift areas, creating great cylinder fill, but when spooling off a large cube engine into the upper rpm ranges, volume is also a requirement……….these do it, when paired up with the proper throttle body, or carb, and the proper exhaust system.

110″ CVO, and S&S cylinder head custom porting work/re-configuring is straightforward here. Those castings are not bad, untouched, but once we perform our work to them they really take off……………just call us at 315-495-6650.


Stage I Evo Heads

Same as Stage I T/C heads…………great valve for that 80″ upgrade. 80 hp and 90 ft/lbs can be witnessed, and more, with several different low-lift bolt-in cams out there.


Stage II Evo’s

1.900″ intakes

1.610″ exhausts


Crane or beehives springs set to handle .600″ lift

These heads are capable and have run up over 100 hp on 80″ Evo’s, and can support larger powerplants as well.

Flow rates on these again hover in the 155 cfm range @ 10″ @ .600″ lift.


We can really get some respectable air moving through these w/o any welding.

One thing we do is actually downsize the exhaust valve to crank up scavange velocity on that already-too-large port.

Good gains on these oldies, but goodies!


Evo XL owners, these can be VERY FAST/QUICK bikes set-up correctly.

We offer a Stage I, II, and III versions for these with flow rates that’ll push a pump-gas 88″ XL engine up over the 120 hp mark.

Again, just call us 315-495-6650, M-F, 8-5, EST